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December 2015

Good For The Soul, And The Body? Yep!

smallest-fish“Whoever catches the smallest fish has to cook all of them, OK?” Brad called across the pond to Rhonda.

“Sure,” Rhonda called back. “I guess I’ll be doing the cooking tonight,” she whispered to her dog, Shadow, as she struggled to get her worm on the hook. “I never should have agreed to this.”

Shadow lazily opened one eye and peered up at her.

“I know,” Rhonda said quietly, “I only did it to spend the day with the cutest boy in this whole campground. Well, I can’t look like I don’t know what I’m doing. He might never ask me to go fishing again.”

Rhonda watched as Brad expertly cast his line into the water and waited for the fish to bite. Then it was her turn. With one hand she clumsily threw the line into the water and almost let go of the rod. Once she saw the …